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Millions of Google Gmail users warned after glitch detected in email filters

New Delhi: Serious warning has been issued to Google Gmail users about problems with email filters that has led to potential spamming of users with dangerous and exploitative messages. The problem was detected by the Android Police informing Gmail users about the spam mails, according to a report by Forbes.

The problem which has been fairly widespread allows spammers to send these ‘not safe for work’ messages directly into the mail boxes. 

A glitch found in the default setting of email filters allows for such messages to be delivered to unsuspecting users. Spam filters keep the overwhelming amount of unwanted messages away from our Inbox.

Though Google recently acknowledged the problem saying that it affected a significant subset of users and that the service is now fully operational, a quick look on social media platforms show that users are still registering complaints.

Several users complained about unwanted mails in their mail boxes and wondered when did the spam filters break.

The problem is also that some of these messages could be carrying sophisticated malware and other exploitative strategies which an unsuspecting user might not be equipped to handle.

While some users try to navigate the spam messages hitting their inbox.

Meanwhile, Google users had a difficult time in India as Gmail and other internet services were reportedly down for a few hours on Wednesday evening. Users in India and in some other countries went to social media platforms complaining they were unable to access Gmail and other Google services.

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